Amidst midnight blues,Borrowed puffs of breath, unceremonious wrinkled sheetAnd curled up kittens,memoried metaphorscold soup and hot sandwichesprinted exiled smilesand unprinted snapsi see life as candy uncrushedand wrapped up boxes...

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Strangers in loveUnder spells of blueDistanced from earthDevoid of clue.Hasty twilightAwaiting moon-riseSilenced gunshotsA star flickers, dies.Not a moment can passThat comforts the heartA coiled serpent weepsAnd a frightened doe starts.

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A locked door,Bolted safe from inside,away from prying eyes.Hands reaching out to each other.flesh meeting flesh,blood racing on flushed skin,muffled voices,whispered love notes,bated breathsweaty drops of contentment.A loud bang,not just…

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