How does Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost react to his

Who was responsible for Man's fall? Why is Satan called the "infernal serpent"? How is hell described as a place of "Darkness Visible"? This video gives a detailed explanation of lines 27-83, through which Milton sets the stage for his epic to begin right after the Invocation.. You will get a detailed understanding of Satan's situation and the fiery setting of hell.

What is the central theme of Eliot's "The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock? What are the meanings of the complicated references and allusions in the poem? How is Prufrock a representative of the modern man? This video will help you understand the complete meaning of the poem, through an in-depth line-by-line explanation in easy language. The lecture is made specially for English Honours students but it will be useful for any reader who wants to understand Eliot's poetry. The written materials provided below will further help students write answers for their exams.

Why is the Invocation, or the first 26 lines of Paradise Lost important? What is Milton's purpose in invoking his muse? What are the special qualities of Milton's heavenly muse? What is the central theme of Paradise Lost? This video takes you through every line of the Invocation to help you understand these questions. This video is a simple but detailed explanation of the epic's central theme, Milton's experimentation with conventions and the purpose behind the first 26 lines of the epic "Paradise Lost".

Milton’s Paradise Lost Book 1 is a starting point of approaching the whole epic. This video will take you through the storyline, plot, synopsis of the first book. Get to know about the story of Genesis, theme and content of Paradise Lost Book 1, and a useful division of the first book into easy comprehensive episodes with individual sub-themes. This lecture is the last in the introduction series before beginning the textual reading of Paradise Lost Book 1.

“Preludes” means an introduction. Eliot’s Preludes is not just an introduction to his own poetry, but of an entire generation of poets and philosophers. To study Eliot’s “Preludes,” is to allow oneself the initiation that Eliot found necessary, to understand the more complex network of images which abound his longer poems.

Christina Rossetti‘s Goblin Market is a unique poem which incorporates

How was John Milton a product of Renaissance and Reformation? How did Milton's work including Paradise Lost evolve over time through negotiations with personal and political disillusionment? How did his age and dominant political conditions shape Milton's idea of art, literature, heroism, religion and free will? This Video is a starting point to present at Milton and his writing in intimate connection with his context of Reformation, Civil War and Restoration. Together with this, the video looks at Milton's Paradise Lost as a culmination of his artistic evolution This video is made for college students or any person interested in understanding Milton's Paradise Lost.

What is Puritanism? How is it connected to John Milton? How was Milton's Paradise Lost affected by the politics and social changes of his times? This video lecture attempts to explain all this in easy conversational style. Watch the full video to understand how political and religious ethos of the Caroline and Restoration age intermingled and affected the sentiments and sensibilities of Milton's Age. This video is an essential starting point in understanding Milton's Paradise Lost.

The study of origin and evolution of English language is

Why is “Hunger” a remarkable representation of Jayanta Mahapatra’s philosophy