Tagore: The living and the Dead

Tagore’s “The Living and the Dead”: Transforming through Un-Reality

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Understanding Silence in Tagore’s “The Living and The Dead” Be it John Donne’s high handed approach, “For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love”1 or Robert Browning’s lover declaring nonchalantly, “No pain felt she”2, there has been a constant suppression of the voice of the female counterpart. This indoctrination of the mind, to equate silence […]

"The Cactus" by O Henry

The Cactus by O. Henry: A Story About The Irony of Fate

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For O. Henry, the short story was not just a literary act of communicating his artistic imagination, but also a vehicle to explore the extreme possibilities of such an endeavor. His stories are characterized by extreme unpredictability, transforming the genre into an active, pulsating living presence. “The Cactus” is no exception. The readers are , […]