prospero and caliban

In “The Tempest”, William Shakespeare draws the character of Caliban

two women character in david copperfield

It has been said that Dickens is not generally successful

Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller

Anne Sullivan’s contribution in the life of Helen Keller is


Nationalism: Contexts and Conditions Nationalism, as a politico-literary term, is

colridge and kubla khan

Kubla Khan by S.T.Coleridge is a poem that has been

look back in anger

The plays written in the modern and post modern period

Religion and Divinity

To Dionese… The Earth rouses herself from her winter gloom.

sonnet 73

Shakespeare’s Sonnet: Introduction Sonnets are invariably personal. Intense subjectivity is

miranda in the tempest

Miranda: Epitome of Purity The character of Miranda is indeed


Jimmy Valentine: Drama Adaptation A Dramatic Rendering of the Short

Recovering Memory: In search of an Indian Feminine poetics with


William Shakespeare’s plays show remarkable portrayal of character when it