french influence

The French influence on English language started its course with

significance of title

The title Mricchakatika literally means “The Little Clay Cart”. It

society in mricchakatika

Society in Mricchakatika is reflected in different aspects, primarily because


Vasantasena is one of the most prominent characters found in Indian classical drama. Sudraka’s Mrichchakatika is a realistic presentation of characters in a unique story of love, loss and desire. The playwright goes beyond the usual conventions followed by traditional Indian dramatists. His originality of vision and capability is seen in his presentation of the central female character Vasantasena.


Charudatta is an impoverished Brahman in Sudraka’s play Mricchakatika. Sudraka presents Charudatta as a noble and sensitive man, of respectable social position

allusions in prufrock

Allusions in Prufrock range from Biblical references to literary masterpieces. Here are six most important allusions in Prufrock that a reader must know to understand the poem completely.


The character of Prufrock is the most remarkable aspect of T. S. Eliot’s poem “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” as presented through his extraordinary treatment of this dramatic monologue.

descriptive essay

Descriptive essay is a common topic for English exams for Schools and Board exams. Here are five quick tips to help students write beautiful descriptive essays easily and score great marks in their assignments or school work.

kamala das

An Introduction Indian writing in English, as a genre, is

Riders to the Sea

J.M.Synge’s Riders to the Sea is a remarkable dramatic presentation

paradise lost because of temptation

John Milton‘s “Paradise Lost” is a celebrated epic in English

sonnet of wyatt, sidney and spenser

Sonnet: Its Origin and Development in England Sonnet (originating from