sonnet of wyatt, sidney and spenser

Sonnet: Its Origin and Development in England Sonnet (originating from the Italian “sonnetto”) refers to a short poem of fourteen

prospero and caliban

In “The Tempest”, William Shakespeare draws the character of Caliban with dubious shades. Critics down the ages have responded differently

two women character in david copperfield

It has been said that Dickens is not generally successful in drawing female characters and that his men are as

Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller

Anne Sullivan’s contribution in the life of Helen Keller is immense and fathomless. In the autobiography of Helen “The Story


Nationalism: Contexts and Conditions Nationalism, as a politico-literary term, is etymologically connected to the word “nation”, which the Oxford Literary

colridge and kubla khan

Kubla Khan by S.T.Coleridge is a poem that has been interpreted in a thousand different ways. Critics have analysed every

look back in anger

The plays written in the modern and post modern period throw a series of questions regarding the relationship shared between

Religion and Divinity

To Dionese… The Earth rouses herself from her winter gloom. The sun rays shine with rising vigour on the fast

sonnet 73

Shakespeare’s Sonnet: Introduction Sonnets are invariably personal. Intense subjectivity is found to form a key character in sonnet writing. Regarding

miranda in the tempest

Miranda: Epitome of Purity The character of Miranda is indeed one of the most wonderful creations of Shakespeare. She is


Jimmy Valentine: Drama Adaptation A Dramatic Rendering of the Short Story by O.Henry Dramatis Personae: Jimmy Valentine Alias Ralph D.

Recovering Memory: In search of an Indian Feminine poetics with reference to the 21st century poetry The comparative study of


William Shakespeare’s plays show remarkable portrayal of character when it comes to his women. It is often believed that his


Why did Shakespeare call his play “The Tempest”? Is it just a casual reference to the storm raised in the

is lady macbeth the fourth witch?

Lady Macbeth: The Fourth Witch?

An article addressing the question ” Is Lady Macbeth the Fourth Witch in Macbeth?”, pointing out how the question is

as you like it

As You Like It: Summary The noble Duke of France was banished by his brother Frederick. The good Duke spent

comedy of errors

The Comedy of Errors: Synopsis The states of Syracuse and Ephesus were enemies. The law in Ephesus put to death

Implied author as a key to understand multiplicity of text

Implied Author: Wayne C Booth’s Unique Idea Wayne C Booth’s “The Rhetoric of Fiction” made a lasting impression on New

narrative voice

Meaning of Narrative Voice Voice, in context of narrative, may be defined as the phantom projection of a variable identity

The most important among the narrative modes of Jane Austen is her use of irony. Irony may be defined as

Village in The Guide

Narayan’s Humour: An Integral Part of Narrative in The Guide R.K.Narayan’s conception of humour consists of close and realistic observation

Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone, Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown, Let us possess one

Alison in Look Back in Anger by John Osborne, represents a remarkable presence in elaborating the implications of the play’s

In your project work of dramatizing a story you are expected to recreate a short story as a stage play.