Locke: A Short Review

Director: Steven Knight
Cast: Tom Hardy.
A chunk of two hours, real time; a quasi-epistolary narrative; a brave innovation in storytelling: and we have what Steven Knight presents through the powerful acting of Tom Hardy.
The film makes an invasive exploration of a man, who stands (rather drives) on a precarious cliff,

on a crossword demanding the exercise of choice. A devoted father, a compassionate human being, a loving husband, a committed team leader, and a son burdened with the guilt of a father- Ivan Locke juggles with his innermost insecurities, yet never gives up.

We are left with nothing else but admiration for this man who is not guiltless but is redeemed in his ability to take responsibility of his actions to transcend to a heroic level.

It is unbelievable how a film, casting only one man on screen, set within just one single space, can be so mindblowingly gripping. Tom hardy is absolutely brilliant, the momentum is gained by incessant calls creating almost a video game like backdrop, posing hurdle after hurdle, each demanding a further set of choices and each making us discover the power of a man who knows how to take responsibility and how that alone can be the biggest sex appeal.

Welcome aboard for a long long drive.
You will love every milisecond of this journey.

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