Breaking The Waves: A Short Review

Life often makes us feel limited in our understanding of Good and Evil, Sin and Grace, and so does Von Trier. Watching “breaking the Waves” has that rippling effect on the mind where every hard bound idea of morality and ethics dismantles. The goodness of Bess becomes a screaming onslaught against the codes of artificial decorous and insensitive codes of society that are worshiped as the word of God.
The story of how a woman clings on to her private faith, while the world thrusts upon her ruthless sufferings, is remarkable in its conception and execution. The handheld camera scope represents reality as it is, a magic world of grace and redemption, of inferno and paradise. After all, with Von Trier, paradise and purgatory both reside with inferno and all three are right inside the heart of human beings.
A must watch for anyone who craves for the best.

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