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Publish on Nibblepop: 5 Reasons Why You Must!

Those Yellow Pages!

notes7Remember the term papers and answers you scribbled in your college years? Some of them were real good weren’t they? But they have all been trashed away to some forgotten cupboard under the sink, getting yellower, gathering dust. Trust me, they could be so valuable to young students who do not have your flair for writing. Publish and rediscover their value, the yellow papers are so much worthier than you think.

Publish to Declutter!

How many times have you refiled those college notes, wondering if they are at all going to benotes 4 needed by any one you know! This even happens with teachers, teaching a set of texts different from what they have studied, because of syllabus upgradations and alterations. Just remember that in some corner of the world that text is being included in the syllabus every moment and your knowledge will be useful to even those whom you do not know. Once published, you can do away with your paper clutters since the document will be safely preserved for a much longer period.

No Time to Type out the Material!

Why don’notes1t you send scanned images of the written materials, both creative and critical to websites like ? The editors can evaluate your material and even offer to type the whole material absolutely free of charge. Just make sure you send in submissions that are your original writing to avoid plagiarism issues.


Publish or Perish!

notes 5You have been running from pillar to post trying to publish your work in a standard ISSN journal but they seem to be perpetually overcrowded with submisions. Meanwhile you lose your precious time. Once you publish online, ISSN or no ISSN, your writing gets stamped as your work, with a fixed time stamp. No matter who gathers your material and get them published, they are going to be branded as plagiarists. So your work stays safely connected to your name.

Freedom to Un-publish!

Here, at Nibblepop, you are the sole owners and copyright holders of your submissions. If you wish to submit your articles to any other place we will give you full support and get your article unpublished so that you may proceed with your future publication without any issues. For materials typed out by us, there is a nominal lock-in period depending on the contents and urgency of the situation.

notes 3

So, What are you waiting for? Send us what you need to share with the world. We offer you a real website and not just a blog or a wall but your identity as a Website Content Creator.

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