On watching Samsara

Snowcapped hills & deep low chants
spinning bell of fortune tolls
the darkest crevice of earth explodes
through the crater, fire rolls.

A scary madman paints his face
with frenzied violence digs his claw
splattered blood stains wildest mask
a cursed soul, a passion raw.
a thousand births a thousand deaths
a thousand petty masquerades
a hasty slaughter, packaged neat
a thousand inmates’ dance parade.
a caged mother chained down low
sucked on by babies lost forlorn
the din of mundane cityscape
the shopping arcade, honking horn.
an escape into wilderness
painted faces, sunkissed stark
twisted lips and naked breasts
breathing on the forest dark.
a million guns and bullets made
within a fraction of moment
a thousand hopes annihilate
with every shot, infernal scent.
and back to waterfalls i fly
toward the coveted spots in snow
a tired soul seeks santuary
with bent knees and eyes cast low.
the waters from the baptised child
flows through the veins of Allah’s son
the dusty desert mighty seas
unite in Him, the mighty one
the angels of the heaven dance
life and nature play their part
a dazzling show of Samsara
with soulful melody wrends the heart…

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