“Mary and Max”: A Personal Review

Director: Adam Elliot.
What is the colour of loneliness? Muddy white i guess. And the smell of love? Old books and licorece of course.
“Mary and Max” is a visual, emotional and spiritual treat that makes us revisit every disturbing question that had bugged us all our lives.
Who is lonely?
Aren’t we all?

When every human on earth is offered a banquet of pretending friendships, a masquerade of companionships, Mary and Max find in each other the most sought after craving- the craving of sharing without any inhibition at all. The film shows how friendship truly overleaps the bounds of age, nation and culture, bonding together two alienated souls who suffered for being too honest, direct and human to suit the society of “normal” people who prioritised pretence, negation and denial.
The director brings to life emotions such as anxiety, fear, hope, love and gratitude with such subtlety that the animated clay figures reverberate with super human vitality.
It left me in tears. Happy sad oxymoronish tears. But then I am too sentimental to be a proper “film critic”. Who cares!


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