Lars Von Trier: The Idiots

Spent an euphoric afternoon watching “The Idiots”. It is not just a film but an unbelievable dismantling of every accepted notion of screen performance. Von Trier consistently presents the idea of an outsider assimilating within the folds of a close knit structure, defying the codes of perspective by liquidating the very concept of a reference point in all his films. however, this particular film, part of the Golden Heart trilogy is a complete letting go of every
preconceived idea. the actors are reduced to characters and the characters are reduced to actions, or should i say “gestus”,not a passive act but an active spurge . LVT is to film what Brecht was to theatre and both of them mean for me an emancipatory power, a conscious defiance of form, social codes. the film will be remembered for its entirety as well as for the moments where the individuals let go of their individuality and fall into a trance like spass. carrying the echo of Hamlet’s feigning of madness, Von Trier subverts the very margin between sanity and insanity. the world outside the nexus of spassers is the real world of cruelty, dejection, anger and denial while the world within becomes a metaphor of home, a site of Jouissance

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