kids: A Personal Note

Not entirely sure of how I felt about this one. It is often difficult to act as an indifferent viewer, especially when one has a nine year old daughter, and a past full of reminiscence to burden the heart.
making-wise, this is a faithful chunk of manhattan, or downtown America, or let’s say the world
that we choose to overlook because of our petite moral encodings.

A documentary of a single day in the lives of a bunch of teenage kids, who are driven by impulses beyond their comprehension and control. sex is stripped off all its romantic facades and masquerades.
clark effectively spans his camera through burning issues of morality, sexuality, loyalty, violence and indifference that the lives of these kids are perpetually bombarded with. it is more than a story about awareness, more than an anti HIV propaganda. it is a filtered document of crisis, too far close to our homes to ignore.

one rarely needs epic failures for tragedy in a modern world. with so many options of choosing wrong, making the right choices becomes a deviation from the norm.

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