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তান ভৈরবী

তুই বলেছিলি বলে জলছবি এঁকেছি।ইছামতী থেকে গঙ্গার দূরত্বটুকু এক লাফে পার হতে পেরেছি,অনায়াস দ্রুততায়।আর তোর অভ্যস্ত আঙুলের ওঠানামায়অহল্যার মৃত্যু-ঘুম ভাঙ্গা ...
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Breaking The Waves: A Short Review

Life often makes us feel limited in our understanding of Good and Evil, Sin and Grace, and so does Von ...
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On watching Samsara

Snowcapped hills & deep low chantsspinning bell of fortune tollsthe darkest crevice of earth explodesthrough the crater, fire rolls. A ...
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A dead-end blown off gunpowder delights, A busy streetcar dimmed highway lights. a memory sordid a shot down with lime ...
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You,Will be a lonely soulWalking the highway of life. I ,Can only offer a willow shade. Not the thick dark ...
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"The Cactus" by O Henry

The Cactus by O. Henry: A Story About The Irony of Fate

William Sydney Porter (1862 – 1910) Known by his pen name O. Henry For O. Henry, the short story was ...
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The Sonnet in English: A Short Introduction

The “sonnet” is traced back to Francis Petrarch, whose sonnets (14th C Italian) were popular throughout western Europe. Early sonnets ...
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hard times

Hard Times : Role of Circus People

The primary essence of Charles Dickens’s art lies in his ability to transform the mundane visible reality to an altered ...
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Paradise Lost: Significance of the Invocation

John Milton, in his attempt to create an epic presentation of practically the whole act of creation and transgression of ...
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Twelfth Night: Title and Theme of Festivity

Twelfth Night, the last day of Christmas feasting, the last night of holiday, is the day before normal life resumes ...
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