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Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market | Part 1 | Easy Textual Reading

goblin market

Christina Rossetti‘s Goblin Market is a unique poem which incorporates themes of womanhood, temptation and sisterhood. Watch the two video lectures to understand the poem in a detail. 

The poem “Goblin Market” is about two sisters, Lizzie and Laura, who are shown to pass from innocence to experience through various stages of temptation, fall and redemption. The Goblin men represent the world of evil temptation outside the idyllic paradise of Laura and Lizzie’s world, as well as become a metaphor of life’s various alluring distractions. The two class lectures offer an in-depth line by line analysis of the poem  with detailed commentary in easy language.

Part 1 Video [Stanza 1-7]

Part 2 Video [Stanza 8-28]

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