O Henry’s Jimmy Valentine Rewritten as a Play

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Jimmy Valentine: Drama Adaptation A Dramatic Rendering of the Short Story by O.Henry Dramatis Personae: Jimmy Valentine Alias Ralph D. Spencer , a notorious burglar Annabel Adams : Jimmy’s fiancé Mr Adams : Annabel’s father Annabel’s sister May: Annabel’s niece, aged nine Agatha: Annabel’s niece, aged five Ben Price, the detective Mike Dolan: Jimmy’s friend […]


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The sun refuses to riseObscured by sultry rainMy blood runs darkened purpleThrough thyroxin deprived vein.A silent scream escapesThrough a half dead ventricleMy hands grope feverishly atA pack of popsicle.If only it was not tied downBy iron chains of rhymeI could sleep off this terrible dayWith hemlock soaked in lime…


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A guilty hope, a lousy despair.What could have been a whale being caught in a muddy trailI bear the harpoon, I bear the wreathWaiting for the fatal strike,splattering blood,gathering spoils of priceless meat.Only it had been all alonga puffer poisoned,pretending woe.It hardly had been worth at allTo kill the wiggly finny foe…

Of Bulls and Bears

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The wise men desert the promised land,Monsoon glooms and deferred showers,blackened diamond sparkles sharp,Debts pull down the Hellenic towers.A ship sunk low in Orient seasA leadened stack withdrawn from sightI wait with fretful bated breathAmidst bear baiting and bull fight.The sun towards the evening sinkspromising us a better dawnThe tides rise slow from lowest lowthe […]


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A knot in the gutTangled thread looseningserpent broodingin summer hibernation.The solstice, the solstice!and four hundred updates later,the crouching dragons are slayed.it is not a cycleif the butterfly can’t becomea caterpillar.a toad breeds venomand yet the bard finds the stonethat adorns the crown.what shall we findbeyond the wait…a venomous spoilor a twinkling star!


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A locked door,Bolted safe from inside,away from prying eyes.Hands reaching out to each other.flesh meeting flesh,blood racing on flushed skin,muffled voices,whispered love notes,bated breathsweaty drops of contentment.A loud bang,not just a knock,startled bodies,hasty hands groping in the darkto resume pointless masquerades.Does it matter if one of them was himDoes it matter if both of them […]

তান ভৈরবী

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তুই বলেছিলি বলে জলছবি এঁকেছি।ইছামতী থেকে গঙ্গার দূরত্বটুকু এক লাফে পার হতে পেরেছি,অনায়াস দ্রুততায়।আর তোর অভ্যস্ত আঙুলের ওঠানামায়অহল্যার মৃত্যু-ঘুম ভাঙ্গা চোখকাজল নেই বলে সঙ্কোচে জড়সড়,ঠিক তখন পার হয়ে এসেছিএক যুগের যবনিকাপাত রাত্রি।অনেক পার হওয়া সময়আর দূরত্বআজ লাল সুতোয় গিঁট বাঁধা থাক।তুই ছিঁড়ে দিস কোন এক শীতঘুম কাটা ভোরেঝলমলে ধারাল নক্ষত্রের আঘাতে।

On watching Samsara

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Snowcapped hills & deep low chantsspinning bell of fortune tollsthe darkest crevice of earth explodesthrough the crater, fire rolls. A scary madman paints his facewith frenzied violence digs his clawsplattered blood stains wildest maska cursed soul, a passion raw. a thousand births a thousand deathsa thousand petty masqueradesa hasty slaughter, packaged neata thousand inmates’ dance […]