The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989): A Review

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The Setting: Greenaway and the Tri-part Stage Peter Greenaway takes his camera through an adjacent tri-stage setup, the cold foggy outside, the warm vibrant kitchen and the richly decked up banquet hall. While the first one displays cruelty, abuse and bestiality shamelessly (fittingly complemented with a pack of hungry hounds and stench of rotten meat), […]

Birdman: A Review

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It is not unusual that people fight against the whole world, fearing defeat and freaking out every time they see their worst fears in front of their eyes. But it gets all the more uncanny when the fight is against one’s own self, against a shadow that grows larger with the setting sun, overpowering one […]

Time Shi Gun: A Short Note

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Where does love reside? ‘Shi Gun’ is a journey through time to timelessness, streching the limits of transformations, testing the bounds of bonding.Kim Ki Duk spans his narrative through an unusual love story where faces become masks and relationships signify a continuous act of deferance.It is not just a story where a paranoid woman decides […]

Bitter Moon: Some Comments

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A movie about the limits of endurance and the limits of passion. Never thought i could ignore the presence of Hugh Grant in a movie starring Hugh Grant!Bitter Moon is an epic revelation of limits and what happens when one overreaches in relationship. A tale of a man , crippled by circumstances and his negotiation […]

The Equalizer: A very short note

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“The Equalizer”More of a transporter kind of a movie but with just awesome background music. Credibility? Who the hell needs that anyways when you are up for a one man army sort of movie!The making is smart, camera very crisp, casting good enough and a decent though narrow plot.Good watch for a winter evening with […]

kids: A Personal Note

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Not entirely sure of how I felt about this one. It is often difficult to act as an indifferent viewer, especially when one has a nine year old daughter, and a past full of reminiscence to burden the heart.making-wise, this is a faithful chunk of manhattan, or downtown America, or let’s say the world that […]