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Five Memorable Speeches by Shakespeare’s Women

William Shakespeare’s plays show remarkable portrayal of character when it comes to his women. It is often believed that his ...
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The Tempest: Significance of the Title

Why did Shakespeare call his play “The Tempest”? Is it just a casual reference to the storm raised in the ...
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is lady macbeth the fourth witch?

Lady Macbeth: The Fourth Witch?

An article addressing the question ” Is Lady Macbeth the Fourth Witch in Macbeth?”, pointing out how the question is ...
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as you like it

As You Like It: Quick Revision

As You Like It: Summary The noble Duke of France was banished by his brother Frederick. The good Duke spent ...
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comedy of errors

The Comedy of Errors: Quick Revision

The Comedy of Errors: Synopsis The states of Syracuse and Ephesus were enemies. The law in Ephesus put to death ...
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Implied author as a key to understand multiplicity of text

Implied Author: Its Meaning and Relevance in Literary Criticism

Implied Author: Wayne C Booth’s Unique Idea Wayne C Booth’s “The Rhetoric of Fiction” made a lasting impression on New ...
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narrative voice

Narrative Voice: Interpretations and Critical Responses

Meaning of Narrative Voice Voice, in context of narrative, may be defined as the phantom projection of a variable identity ...
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Pride and Prejudice: Use of Irony As Narrative Device

The most important among the narrative modes of Jane Austen is her use of irony. Irony may be defined as ...
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cat on computer to publish

Publish on Nibblepop: 5 Reasons Why You Must!

Those Yellow Pages! Remember the term papers and answers you scribbled in your college years? Some of them were real ...
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Village in The Guide

The Guide: Narayan’s use of Irony and Humour

Narayan’s Humour: An Integral Part of Narrative in The Guide R.K.Narayan’s conception of humour consists of close and realistic observation ...
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barbed wire acting as shadow lines

The Shadow Lines: Representation of History and Memory

  “Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone, Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown, Let us possess ...
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ironing board of alison

Alison in Osborne’s “Look Back in Anger”: A Critical Estimate

John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger explores and exposes the world of the 1950s, drowned in the visible darkness of ...
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School Project: Dramatizing a Story

In your project work of dramatizing a story you are expected to recreate a short story as a stage play ...
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inspector looking at the moon with looking glass

Inspector Matadin On The Moon: by Harishankar Parsai

Scientists claim that there is no life on the moon. However, Senior Inspector Matadin (the M.D of the Department) says ...
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dover beach at night

Dover Beach: Arnold as a Victorian Poet

Nineteenth Century Hellenism, a romantic fascination for folk tales and legends, and a preference for solitary meditation in evocative surroundings ...
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Elizabeth in “Pride and Prejudice”: A Critical Evaluation

Pride and Prejudice is brought vividly to life by a kaleidoscope of different and even contrasting characters, most of whom ...
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